How to Find Facebook Profile ID from Facebook Vanity Personalized Profile URL

Facebook has introduced customized profile URL feature that lets users accessing any user profile from Facebook directly. This feature helps everyone to remember anyone’s Facebook profile URL as it includes a custom name of the user instead of long-numeric profile id. This type of Facebook profile URLs are called Facebook vanity personalized profile URL. However, this is an optional feature from the social giant website and every user of Facebook has the option whether he/she opts for the vanity personalized profile URL or not. This feature is very much similar to change the Facebook profile owner’s name. Of course, any user sticks to the basic profile URL that includes Facebook profile id with some query strings without worrying.

If you have already grabbed or created the personalized profile URL of your Facebook profile or page, then that’s nice. If you are new to it and don’t know how to enable this personalized feature, then you need to navigate to the following path i.e. About >> Contact and basic info after logging in to Facebook. Then under the Contact Information section go to Facebook option, you will find edit option there. Click on edit button to go to the Username section where you can add/change username or timeline address for your vanity personalized Facebook profile URL.

change timeline address of Facebook

So now, there are basically two types of  profile URLs available in Facebook. The first one is the old or basic profile URL (having a profile id in it), and another one is personalized URL without having any trace of profile id in it. In some scenario third-party developers need to access the profile ids of the Facebook users for some app development purpose, to block annoying apps and games requests from particular profile or something else. Sometimes, the entity-id of the Facebook profile or page is very much necessary to download profile pictures protected by the picture guard. But, now-a-days, it is very hard to get exact profile ids from personalized vanity Facebook profile URL due to tightened security of the company. Facebook have already stared rolling out different security upliftment by stages including addition of more security to Facebook login.  So, here is how you get the original Facebook entity-id associated to each profile in correct fashion.

Get Facebook Profile ID from Facebook Personalized Profile URL

Make sure your Facebook account is not blocked; unblock your Facebook account first if it is blocked.

Now, log-in to your Facebook account and search for the profile that you require for the Facebook profile id. Sometime, you need to fix the problem regarding Facebook login if any.

Open the profile page of the targeted account. No matter whether the profile picture of that account is protected by profile picture guard or not.

Right click on anywhere of the page (using any modern web browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Firefox etc.) and choose the “View page source” option. Use Ctrl+U instead.

Now, go to the newly opened source page and press Ctrl+F to access the ‘Find dialogue box’.

Type fb://profile/ in the box and you should get at least two same findings there.

Find Facebook profile id 15 digit nimber

Note down the 15-digit number just after the fb://profile/ finding. Remember, we have used the same technique to find out the frequent visitors of a particular Facebook profile.

That’s it. Now, you can use the profile id for the profile associated to it.

Online Method to Get Facebook Profile ID from any Personalized Facebook Profile URL

If you find the previous solution very much tricky or if are unable to perform the steps mentioned above, you should opt for online service provider that provides you exact profile ids of Facebook profiles which you are looking for.

Visit the following URL i.e.

Paste the personal profile URL of any individual Facebook account.

Then, press the “Find Numeric ID” button.

The website will show you the original and exact profile id of any Facebook profile or page.

Online method is relatively easier for anyone to get the Facebook profile id for any account with vanity personalized Facebook profile URL.

Final Words:

This article is only a tutorial based article that helps you find 15 digit Facebook profile id from anyone’s Facebook profile page. These ids help you to search or remember any user profile direct from your browser. You don’t have any need to find someone in Facebook if you have the profile id of any Facebook account. However, it is very hard to keep these ids in mind. That’s why Facebook have already introduced the personalized easy to remember profile/page URL instead of Facebook profile id.

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