Best Facebook Video Downloader for Android

If you are an Android user and want to download Facebook videos but don’t know how to download videos from Facebook using your Android mobile device, then you can follow this tutorial. Here, you will find the best possible way to save any Facebook video to your mobile. We know that Facebook does not provide any direct option to download any embedded video from the official Facebook app. Even Facebook Lite users won’t get any such option. If you use Google Chrome and open website using that browser, you will not be able to save and download the Facebook video.

A PC user if access the Facebook website using any web browser, he/see can easily download any videos from Facebook and save it to PC. But, the same methods do not work with the Android device. Many Android applications are available in Google Play Store which helps you to download videos on your Android smartphone or tablet from the Facebook website. But, all apps are not secure — some of the apps provide fake download buttons and get critical access of your FB account. So, be careful enough before you download any FB video using third-party applications.  [related-post id=”2075″]

Due to Facebook’s policy, so far the company does not provide any direct link to save videos from Facebook on mobile phones. You can’t get the video URL unless you take the help of trusted video grabber application. But, we all know that the sharing moments using a video is now very much trending and the days of sharing images in Facebook profile and pages are gone. So, the importance of saving shared videos from Facebook is increasing day-by-day. However, Facebook lets you share any Facebook videos outside the Facebook but is that enough? For example, if one of your family members captures a video of a family event and share it on Facebook (if you are not present there), you definitely want to grab the video and download it to your mobile due to it’s priority to you, and no outside video sharing wouldn’t fulfill your desire unless you save the video. This is why you always try to download great videos from Facebook rather than sharing it.

So… How to Download Facebook Videos on Your Android Device?

The easiest way to download Facebook videos on Android mobile is — use a good or trusted Facebook video downloader for mobile app and save it to your device. I have found a direct option to download videos from Facebook on the android phone. So, let’s see how to work with them.

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Method 0: Use Videoder Android App to Download Videos from Facebook with Best Quality

Videoder is the best android application to download any videos from Facebook. Just open Videoder android app and login to Facebook using your account credentials. In your timeline, you will find download links just below every video. Videoder provides all the possible qualities of any Facebook video. As Videoder androoid app works directly, so it does not require any video id or Facebook profile id before providing you the Facebook video download link. Here is the URL from where you can download Videoder Facebook video downloader app.

As this apk file of Videoder is not available in Google play store, so due to security reasons you may get a installation blocked warning. You just need to allow the installation of unknown sources app from android security settings.

Method 1: MyVideoDownloader — How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

MyVideoDownloader is an android application which makes your work easy while downloading any videos from Facebook. This is a free android app which is available at Google Play Store. The app is a freeware and contains very less amount of ads (compared to other related freeware apps). MyVideoDownloader is the only app which lets you download videos in an HD quality from Facebook. You can save the GIF images too using the free app. The working principal for this application is very simple.

an app to download any Facebook video on your Android mobile

  1. After installing the ‘MyVideoDownloader’ app, open the app and login with the Facebook credentials when you will be asked to do so.
  2. The app can be called a Facebook explorer and using it, you can copy video and images link, download and save them.
  3. The application is compatible with the Android 4.0 and later devices. Open “News Feed” from the app’s context menu and look for the video that you wish to save or download to your mobile device.
  4. Tap on the video that you want to download.
  5. You will opt for two options. “Download” and “Download with name”.
  6. If you choose the first option, the video from the Facebook news feed will start to download instantly to your mobile device. If you press the second option, you will be asked for giving a name to the video before saving it to phone memory.

The application does not require any root permission and non-rooted android users can use the MyVideoDownloader app on their Android device. If, anytime, you find that the video downloading is not working for you or the Facebook video download stopped working, check the permission setting of the app from Settings -> Applications -> VideoDownloader -> Permissions option.

URL to download:

Method 2: Use “Video Downloader for Facebook” Android App to Save Videos from Facebook to your Android Mobile

“Video Downloader for Facebook” is the easiest app to watch and download videos from Facebook. The app has a built-in browser to access Facebook. Login to Facebook and you can view news feed, a shared video, friend’s wall etc. using the app. When you find a video, just tap on it. In the Facebook mobile app, the video starts to play instantly/automatically. But, when you open the Facebook using the app “Video Downloader for Facebook”, you will get a pop-up with the option ‘download’ and ‘watch’. On clicking the download option, the video will start downloading to your mobile device. If you choose the watch option, the video starts to play but you will get a download option there to save the video anytime you want (but, in the Facebook android app, there is no such option to download any playing video).

You can get the “Video Downloader for Facebook” app from the link below. The app is the best light-weight android app for this purpose. However, like the previous one (MyVideoDownloader), you can’t save HD videos using this android software.

Method 3: How to Download the Facebook Videos on any Android Phone without Video Downloader app

If you open and access Facebook using the Chrome browser on your Android device, then you can easily download any videos from Facebook using a simple step-by-step guide.

how to download Facebook videos on Android

Open Chrome browser on your mobile and login to the Facebook account.

  1. Find the video on Facebook wall (news feed) that you want to download on your android phone.
  2. Now, click on the down-arrow option at the top-right corner of the video post.
  3. Click the option from the drop-down list which says “Save Video”. This option lets you save the video in your Facebook profile for future and you can watch it on Facebook without costing any extra data.
  4. Click on the options tab and navigate to “Saved” section to get the list of the saved videos.
  5. Click on the video and it will start playing in your Android Chrome browser.
  6. At the bottom-right corner of the video, you will find the download icon. Just click on it. The video will start downloading to your mobile device.

Note: For better performance, you need to install “ES File Explorer” android app to your mobile.

Summary and Final Words:

The article covers the following information:

  • How to download Facebook videos in mobile/Android.
  • Best free Android application to save the video from Facebook to a smartphone.
  • Download shared videos from Facebook using MyVideoDownloader.
  • Use “Video Downloader for Facebook” to grab shared videos from Facebook.
  • The manual way to download and save videos from Facebook without using any third-party app.

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