How to Download Profile Picture Guard Profile Pictures from Facebook

Profile picture guard in Facebook is another security feature that was introduced by Facebook firstly in India to secure the profile picture of individual Facebook account holder from getting theft. Gradually this secondary security feature widespread to other countries. The feature may be called an anti-theft profile picture feature which prevents others from downloading guarded profile pictures; thus it increases the privacy of your profile picture and the misuse of Facebook profile pictures (which is protected by profile picture guard) can be restricted in large part.

If you are a loyal Facebook user then the question that will come definitely in your mind is how and why you use Facebook profile picture guard and is there any benefit of having this feature associate with your Facebook profile. The answer is YES. When a user view your Facebook profile with/without login to download your very personal profile image and share it outside of Facebook ( just like Facebook video outside of Facebook sharing ), it might be a cause of concern for you. To prevent such foolhardy behavior, you need to enable profile picture guard feature just like other users who are much aware about security.

At first, you may consider Facebook profile picture guard as an annoying app request. However, you need to enable Facebook this in order to gain more security. To enable this option just go to your profile picture and click it. Navigate to Options >> Turn on Profile Picture guard and click Save to enable profile picture guard in your Facebook account. If you find profile picture guard feature unavailable in your country, you may use Facebook web proxy are some good vpn software apropos of applying the feature in your account.

how to enable Facebook profile picture guard

How to Download Profile Picture Guard Profile Pictures from Facebook

However, there are few ways to download profile picture from any profile picture guard enabled account. The steps are as follows:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and choose the right profile where from you want to download profile picture i.e. secured by Facebook profile picture guard. In case you are not a Facebook user you can find the Facebook id of required person in order to grab his/her profile picture.
  2. Paste the below URL in browser’s URL field.
  3. You need to change the “Facebook_Profile_ID” with the 15-digit profile specific unique entity id or Facebook profile id.
  4. Press the Enter button to open up the image. Right click in the image and choose “save image as” option to download Facebook profile picture guard protected image.

Alternative Method: Download Facebook Profile Picture Privacy Guard Image from Facebook

Image-of is a freeware easily available in GitHub that lets you download any profile picture of any Facebook user. This is a command-line based utility which requires node.js support to your computer. Download this tool from the below-mentioned URL.

First, install node.js from

Then use command npm install --global image-of to enable the Image-of tool.

Launch the command prompt with administrator privilege.

download protected profile picture guard images from Facebook

If you want to install anyone’s profile picture from Facebook use this command: image-of -u "FacebookUsername". Replace the “FacebookUsername” with the actual username of the user.

If you know the Facebook user profile id, the the command should be: image-of -i "FacebookUserId". Use the exact user profile id in place of “FacebookUserId” instead.

All the downloaded profile pictures ( including Facebook profile picture guard ) pictures will be downloaded to C:\Users\{User name of PC}\Facebook-Images location if you are a Windows user.

Final Words:

This article helps you to download profile picture of almost any Facebook user even after the profile picture guard is enabled or account login is additionally secured. Mind that, you don’t exploit these methods for abusing anyone. Do you it for learning purposes only or if you require it at all costs.