Top 3 Free Web Proxy Sites for Facebook to Unblock

Most of the people spend their day with Facebook now-a-days. Guardians and parents really worry when they find their child accessing Facebook throughout the day. Same word is applicable to office-workers also. Office bosses are also very much concerned about the matter. Many school authorities and office-admins block Facebook website in school, colleges and offices so that the students and employees can devote themselves in studies and office-works respectively. These activities, undoubtedly, not only affects the students’ career, but also affects the company’s reputation and future.

Though, authorities block Facebook in schools, colleges and offices, yet there are several ways to unblock Facebook at offices and schools and I have already discussed about it in a previous article “How to Open Facebook and Access Blocked Facebook Website in Office, College and School”. However, the best method according to me is the use of proxy servers. There are many free proxy websites to unblock Facebook anywhere. In this tutorial, I describe about some proxy sites which are basically used to unblock Facebook and any other blocked websites. Before that, let me give a summarize description about Proxy website and working procedure of it.

What is Proxy Website and How Does It Work?

Proxy sites are constructed in such a technique so that one can access any www and non-www website anonymously that mean you can keep your identity hidden when you access internet. When a client uses proxy and requests something over the network, the proxy server acts like an intermediary third-party server and keeps your original identity hidden. For more details visit the following URL:

List of Best Proxy Sites to Unblock Facebook

Here is the top list of free online web-based proxy sites for Facebook to unblock any website including Facebook at offices and schools.

1. InstantUnblock


Instant-unblock is a free website proxy which can unblock Facebook at work, office and school. You can unblock all websites from any part of the world if you use ‘InstantUnblock’. Just, enter the website url to the website address field and press ‘unblock website’ button to access website using proxy.

Url to unblock all websites:

Url to unblock Facebook:

2. Vtunnel


Vtunnel is very popular among Facebook unblocker proxy. Just go to and in the input field type the web address (i.e., and start browsing Facebook. You can browse a website cookie free and scripts free condition using vtunnel.

Url to unblock Facebook using vtunnel:


Proxyboost or American Proxy is very popular as a free proxy site. It can be used as a free proxy to unblock Facebook. Just visit the homepage of ‘Proxyboost’, write the URL in the input field and press ‘surf now’ button to open Facebook.

Url to unblock Facebook using proxyboost:

In this article, I cover how to unblock block or restricted websites using free proxy server. If you have any better idea, don’t ignore to inform us in the comment.

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