Best Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10

Network monitoring is a hard task undoubtedly. To manage a network you need proper information about ‘what is exactly going on this network’. The maintenance of the network is only possible when you get the exact knowledge regarding the network you monitor. There are several network monitoring tools available in the market to monitor network traffic and analyze network activities. So, here we sort out few free network monitoring software that is suitable for you as a network analyzer.

Free Network Monitoring Software for Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Microsoft Message Analyzer

‘Microsoft Message Analyzer’ is a great tool that works like a complete package. It is the developed version of Microsoft Network Monitor. You can capture, view and analysis network traffic using this free tool. The tool is very useful to troubleshoot network difficulties. This tool can capture and analyze protocol messages.



‘WireShark’ is a free network monitoring tool that can analyze most of the data that a network monitoring tool can. This tool offers highly detailed data about your network and presents it in a useful format to network admin. It could be the best alternative to a paid network monitoring software. WireShark provides the detail data of your network activities, and check open connections of your network area.

The Filter option of WireShark is very useful because it has an auto-complete feature which let you prevent from getting confused by showing all the data at a time.

Capsa Free


‘Capsa free’ edition network analyzer is very useful network monitoring tool to analyze Ethernet connection. Using this tool, you can learn the way of enhancing network security. It is a portable version of network monitoring tool. It performs the operations like real time packet data capturing, advanced protocol analysis, network monitoring for 24*7, automatic error diagnosis, etc. Here are some special features available, e.g. set up customize-able alarms, Yahoo Messenger monitoring and so on.

Advanced IP Scanner


Advanced IP Scanner is a free and very useful Windows network scanner which lets you watch all the IP addresses of the connected devices under a same local area network. It can detect all the wired and wireless computers and devices and their ports which are connected to a same local network.

With Advanced IP scanner, you can access HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders. Above all, it gives you an overall idea of all the connected devices and provides you basic and useful feedback about your network places.

In this article, I want to include some best network monitoring software and free network analyzer. However, if you find any great network monitoring tools, definitely put your valuable opinion in our comment section.