How to Find Someone on Facebook without Logging in

Facebook is the great social networking website that is used by almost 2 billion users. You can call it a people’s directory and you can easily find people on Facebook without logging in. The social giant daily gains thousands of new users. There are people hard to find who do not have a Facebook account. This huge popularity of Facebook helps us to utilize it for various helpful task including as a people finder.

Before few years, when you try to find someone, there was no exact way to find anyone online. Any other social media does not gain such popularity like Facebook gets. We used to search people with the help of Orkut. If we lost someone, we made a general FIR to local police and they did their work. But, we can take advantage of Facebook people search to find someone. If you upload the photo to facebook and share it, there might be a chance to get some info regarding the lost person or lost thing.

Now-a-days, police and local cops take advantages of Facebook to identify a person or to find someone and it’s detailed. Many children find their parents using Facebook. Many parents find their lost child after a long period. Friends get friends, relatives get relatives. Facebook is popular worldwide, so, you can find people from any corner of the world without login.

You don’t need to be a Facebook user to find someone using Facebook profile id or user name. Facebook provides “Facebook person search” and “people search directory” to find anyone worldwide. If you are an existing Facebook user, then logon to Facebook account to get some extra benefits while searching.

If you are working in such an office where Facebook is blocked but want to find some old friend or office colleague at an urgent basis, then you can unblock facebook at the office first then follow this tutorial.

Different Ways to Find Someone on Facebook without Logging in

There are different methods available normally to find people on Facebook without logging in. In this tutorial, I am describing the best ways to search people who are on Facebook. A normal people can do the task very easily.

Method #1: Use Google Site Search Feature to Find Facebook People

Google has a site-specific search feature that lets you search anything from a particular website. Using this technique, you can find people on Facebook without logging in with the help of Google search. Let’s see how to use “site-specific search operator” to “find someone on website”.

Use Google site oriented search and find friends from Facebook

  1. Open the home page of Google i.e. If you are outside of US, then use country specific Google home page. For example, if you are from India, you can open, if you are from the UK, just open google etc.
  2. In the search box, type — sitename: name of people whom you want to find
  3. Click on the search button or press the Enter key.
  4. Google will display the facebook profile of the person(s) in the search results.
  5. Check each result and find the right person whom you are looking for.

Don’t forget to replace “name of people whom you want to find” with the exact name of the person.

Method #2: Use Facebook Find Person Feature to Find Someone on Facebook

Fortunately, Facebook has itself a “find person” feature which lets you search anyone. Facebook has introduced the feature a few years back and it is a very useful one. Now, to find anyone you can use this person search feature. Steps are given below.

  1. Go to Facebook Find Person website from the link:
  2. You will find the “search by name” search box at the left sidebar area.
  3. Type the name of the person whom you want to find.
  4. Press ‘Enter’ or click the search button.
  5. Facebook show you the profiles of the people that matches your search query.
  6. You can filter your search by city, school or university.

Facebook find person

This is a good way to find anyone who has a Facebook profile. Logging in to Facebook account is optional in this case. Alternatively, you can use the below link to find someone on Facebook:

Method #3: Use Facebook Directory to Search a Person on Facebook

directory list of people in Facebook

The Facebook directory is a page that has a list of people, pages and places which are enlisted in the entire Facebook database. You can find anyone, any people, any person very easily as the name of the people are enlisted here alphabetically. Just press the first letter of the name from the Facebook directory and looking for the name you are finding on Facebook.

But, you can’t find everyone here. To get enlisted in this directory, the profile should be crawled by the Facebook bot. You can enable or disable Facebook crawler from indexing an account from the account privacy setting option.

Method #4: Using Third-Party Web Services and Browser Extensions (Not Much Effective)

Web application like and few browser extensions provide facebook search feature to find any person on Facebook. I have tried few of them but unable to get the desired result. So, I never recommend you to use such services. Instead, you create an account on Facebook and search with facebook with better accuracy and productive search results. If you have login problems in Facebook, then try this method to solve it first.

How to Find Someone on Facebook without Knowing His/Her Name or Facebook Name?

It is very difficult when you try to find someone from your memory and you either forgot the name of the person you are looking for, or you don’t know his name. But, some time-consuming efforts may be helpful for you to search your desired one. But, for that, you must be a Facebook account user. Otherwise, you can’t try this without joining to Facebook.

Facebook do not have a great search option to find a person of a particular area, especially if you do not know his/her name. You can try these methods.

  1. Find using any phone numbers and email IDs that you have for finding the person.
  2. Check people in your suggest friend list or people whom you may know and see the profile pictures and other uploaded images if possible.
  3. Check their common friend’s list, friend list of uncommon person, and find every photo they have.
  4. Check all the likes, comments and tagged people mainly who are in common people’s friend list.
  5. Check the group photos, school members group, college friend’s groups etc.

It is very difficult to find someone whose name or other personal details is unknown to you. If you are very lucky, then you can find him from tagged photos, comments or FB group.

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Final Words and Try to Find Someone on Facebook as a Logged in User

If you are a logged in user of Facebook and search people who are you looking for, then I must say the chances of finding your desired one is 200% more. An existing Facebook user or login user of Facebook can get more option to filter search results that are not possible without logging into the Facebook.

If you want to know how to find someone on Facebook if you have a Facebook account and if you are a logged in user then steps are mentioned below.

  • Use Find Friend’s Page on Facebook: Go to friends icon and select find friends link st the top of the menu. Otherwise, you can use “People you may know” feature.
  • Use Search Box at Facebook: Type the name of someone (whom do you want to search) in the search box of Facebook which can be found at the top of the site.
  • Find Friend from Android App: Tap more button >> Friends. In this section, you will see the friend search option and the option is same for Android and iOS device.

In case if the Facebook website is banned in your country and you need to find someone using Facebook without logging in, then use this proxy solution for Facebook to get your desired friend or relative.