How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at a Same Time

Social media marketing is getting popular these days. If you share any article, link or image to a group, it definitely reaches to targeted audience. When you promote the things to a number of relevant people, it helps you a lot to capitalize on the product in the market due to proper social-network marketing. In a Facebook group, you can post and share anything (related to the group) whichever you want. Irrelevant content publication makes you a spammer and you will be reported and lose your trustworthiness to the group members.

Let me illustrate the whole thing with a solid example. Suppose, you are a blogger and want to promote your writings via Facebook groups. There are several groups available in Facebook which are closely related to the article that you want to share. If you write a tech-article and publish it in a foodie group, that mean the content is very much irrelevant to that group followers and in such case, you will be considered as a spammer. So, avoid such mistakes before publishing any post to Facebook groups.

If you are members of multiple Facebook groups and want to share your content in all the groups at a same time, then you can automatise the process so that you can post to multiple Facebook groups together.

post in multiple groups at Facebook

Method #1: Steps to Post in Multiple Facebook Group

Before you get the ability to post in multiple Facebook groups, you need to be a approved member of the groups. Some groups are open which do not need admin approval for joining. However, most of the groups are closed groups and at first you need to get admin approval for joining or posting to that group or to those groups.

  1. Join the group whichever you like and wait until you get the approval from the admin.
  2. Now, get all the group email address of Facebook. Some groups share the email address to the about/info/contact section. If not, then you can use the username of the group and easily grab the email address of the Facebook group. Generally, Facebook Group email addresses are looking similar to ““.
  3. Create a list of email addresses of the groups separated by commas in a notepad file.
  4. Now, sign-in to that email address that you have used to create your Facebook account. It must be the primary email address of your Facebook account. If you find any problem during logging-in, this guide might be helpful to you.
  5. Compose a new email-message with your post that you want to publish in multiple Facebook groups.
  6. In the To/BCC/CC field paste the entire list of email addresses from the notepad file.
  7. Finally, click on send button to post your message/blog/post/link to all the groups of Facebook in a minute.
  8. Log in to your Facebook account to ensure that the article is posted in all the groups successfully.

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Method #2: Use “SlackSocial” to Submit Posts in Multiple Facebook Groups

‘SlackSocial’ is a brilliant web based tool to automatize Facebook group posting and post scheduling. A free ‘SlackSocial’ account is enough for posting 10 posts/day. Except this post scheduling, email reporting, real time delivery reporting and many other features are available in “Slack Social” dashboard. You can upgrade your account any time to change the limitations of social media posting as per your requirement. Now, let see how to submit your post to various social media profiles including various Facebook groups using the brilliant web based utility.


Method #3: Paid Solution to Post Facebook Groups in Bulk

“MaherPost Facebook Wall Poster” helps you to post messages, links and images to groups and pages automatically. You can schedule your post and MaherPost helps you to post your link/message to Facebook group even when your PC is off. You need to host the software and one time payment i.e. $30 is needed to get full access of the service.


Alternatively, you can try “Facebook multi post share tool” ( or ‘FacebookSharerPro’ ( for the same purposes.

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Final Words:

So far, I have discussed various methods of posting in multiple Facebook groups at once. Most of the methods I have mentioned here are legal to Facebook. However, there are many tools available in the market to perform the same task. But, most of them does not follow Facebook posting rules. So, Facebook authority may consider you spammer if you use such tools. Be careful enough while using these tools. According to me, email submission to multiple groups in Facebook is the best way to do bulk Facebook posts in multiple groups.