Universal Viewer for Windows 11 – Windows Application that Supports Wide Range of Files

Universal Viewer is a small but useful Windows 11/10 application that supports almost every well-known file formats. It lets you open, view, edit, and convert popular file types without leaving the opened application window.

As the application has the support of a wide variety of file types, you don’t require a separate installation of software for opening and viewing different office files, image files, text files, and multimedia files. However, the free version of Universal Viewer has limited support to some popular file extensions like a word file, raw images file, etc. You may opt for the pro version of this useful application instead.

Universal Viewer supports wide range of file formats

Here is a list of supported file formats of the free version of Universal Viewer.

  • The free edition of the Universal Viewer lets you view Text, Hex, Binary, and Unicode files of any size.
  • It allows you to view UTF-8 and RTF encoded text files.
  • The application supports all graphics formats and image file extensions like JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and TGA including InfranView and XnView file formats.
  • This application offers the support of all Windows Media Player supported multimedia file formats like MP3, AVI, WMV, etc.
  • One can open any HTML, PDF, XML types MS Internet Explorer supported files using Universal Viewer.

MS Office (one of the best application for office work) seems to be obsolete before the Universal Viewer if it is used properly with the external plugins. These plugins (if installed) give the application perfect support of accessible office files like DOC, DOCX, PPT, XLS, etc. File conversion between some necessary file types (e.g., DOC to TXT, DOCX to TXT, PDF to TXT, etc.) is also possible using the free utility.

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The “Follow Tail” option is an auto-reloading utility of the freeware which lets you display the current file in real-time on every change you make. Additionally, Universal Viewer has the support of displaying line numbers for a text file, EXIF data of media file (unless the metadata of the media file is removed), print preview for any printable file. You can take advantage of the modern Regex search library with this free Windows 11 or Windows 10 utility. Find and replace of words from any text file is also possible using this software.

Universal Viewer comes with two variants – installable exe file and portable zip file. The portable version of the software requires no installation and runs flawlessly with all functionalities. Whereas, installable version provides you right-click context menu option which allows opening any supported files directly using the application.

The Home page URL of the Universal Viewer is mentioned below.


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