How to Send and Receive FAX Online from Any Windows PC without having a Fax Machine

Send and receive fax online without a fax machine was nothing but a joke 10 to 15 years ago. People and mainly different government organizations use fax service to send, receive important documents, business papers etc. Today we can perform the same task using free email services. In those days, email was not so popular (mail box spaces were also very limited) and people considered fax as a secure medium of transferring files. Actually, the Fax is not really so secure and can be tapped anytime. The system is obsolete today, but, many government organizations are using it even today.

To send and receive a fax document a fax machine and a fixed landline telephone connection are very much required. The process and technology of sending documents using Fax are very complicated. You need to scan the document using Fax machine and convert the document into an analogue signal. Then you have to make a call to that number where you want to send the paper. At the receiver’s end, the signal is converted to printable Fax document and gets the document when the it is printed by the Fax machine. This is the whole procedure in brief.

Send Fax Online Using Your PC and Receive also

Windows 7 (and in later versions of Windows) have a built-in utility “Windows Fax and Scan” which help you to receive and send the fax on your Windows computer online. But, for that it is necessary to have a modem which can connect a computer with a Fax machine. A dial-up connection is required to make a use of that service. But, today is the era of high-speed broadband and wi-fi internet and you don’t want to use the old dial-up method only for getting Faxes.

Fortunately, there are many online services available that helps you sending and receiving fax online. These services use a gateway which accepts the document using internet and deliver the document to a fax machine. Fax machine is required for those people who regularly get faxes but to send and receive it occasionally; you may use online services to make your work done.

To send a document as a Fax, you need the digital copy of the document. You may use a scanner machine to scan the document to your PC. Otherwise, you can use the mobile camera for performing the same task. Here, I mention few online Fax services, which help you sending, receiving Fax online.

1. Send Fax Online for Free Using “RingCentral Internet Fax”

If you are a regular fax user, then you can use internet fax service of RingCentral. It is a trusted service which provides you a dedicated toll free fax number to send and receive Fax globally. You don’t need any dedicated telephone connection and costly fax machine. If you use this online fax service, then you can send the fax direct from email, Google drive, Dropbox. The sender of the fax will never get a busy tone as this is an online service. The service is encrypted and very much secure. Even, you can connect the existing Fax machine with RingCentral internet fax using an analogue adapter. You will get an instant email as soon as a fax arrives to your inbox. The RingCentral provides a desktop application using that you can send fax directly from MS Office application. The service is not free, and it costs only $20/month.

Official URL:

2. Use MyFax to Send Fax for Free

MyFax is the perfect solution for you if you use fax occasionally. The free version of MyFax let’s you send upto 2 fax of 10 pages/24hrs. This is more than enough for a free user. But a paid user can send 100 fax and receive 200 fax in a month. It only costs $10/month for the service.

send Fax online

Official URL for free version:

3. Use Hellofax Online Service

HelloFax is a clean, paperless and customizable online fax service. It has a Google drive, Gmail, Evernote integration to send fax directly. With a free account, you can only send total 5 pages. But, with paid accounts, you can send 300-1000 fax per month. You can edit and sign any fax pages before sending using HelloFax.


4. Use GotFreeFax to Send Free Fax to USA and Canada

Send international Fax with GotFreeFax

If you mainly send fax to USA and Canada, then GotFreeFax is the best alternative for you. This lets you send PDF, DOC or JPG files (of 3 pages for a free account) for free and you can send the maximum two fax each day. The main attraction of this service is you can add a free ads free cover page in every fax you send via GotFreeFax. Paid users also get a no-monthly basis subscription and bill by page subscription which is very helpful for those who needs occasional fax sending. You can use it until your page credits ends.


5. Send Fax for Free from Your Smartphone

If you are apple iphone user, then you can send online fax direct from your iphone. It just requires the iOS 7.0 or later version. The application is available in apple iTunes store.

The subscription fees are as follows:

  • You need to pay ₹ 190 for 50 fax credits.
  • You need to pay ₹ 620 for 250 fax credits.

Here is the iTunes download link:

6. FaxFresh – Pay and Use Online Fax Service

pay and send fax with FaxFree

FaxFresh is a pay per use online fax service which is not free. You have to pay minimum $1.99 per fax. You can send fax anywhere including US and Canada. It only supports PDF for sending, and this is the only disadvantage. Otherwise, this online fax service is very useful for limited fax senders. The Mac version of this service is also available for free.

Official URL:

Final Words:

In this tutorial, I have discussed about best websites to send fax online. If you use online fax service, then you don’t require any telephone and fax machine. So, those who use fax occasionally, online sending is the best alternative to them. Above all, the services are very much secure.

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