How to Browse Very High Speed Internet From Your PC

Internet is the very necessary service in modern days. If the speed of the internet connection is very good, then browsing experience will be equally better. But, in most of the time we pay enough money to the ISP, but, do not get a stable and good internet connection. I have tried different ways to increase internet speed after testing the speed. But nothing worked so well. I have heard a lot about 1 Gbps internet connection. And now, at last, got that amazing speed using a virtual service ‘Rabbit‘.

‘Rabbit’ is a California based start-up company which provides free video chatting service using ‘RabbitCast‘ service. But, the service also allows you to access and browse any web page using a virtual Linux based browser. If you have an experience of using VMware or virtual machine, you will better understand the whole scenario. I have tested the speed of the connection using ‘’ and got amazing result. The only limitation of this service is – you can’t download anything to your computer using this service.

RabbIt speedtest result

Use ‘Rabb.It’ to Browse Internet @ 1 Gbps

  1. Visit website and create a free account. You can use your email address for sign up. Otherwise, you can login with facebook.
  2. From your rabbit home select “message only” or “Just my mic” option.
  3. From the next screen choose “what to watch” option.
  4. In the “insert url” option type the desired url you want to visit. For me, I typed and visited videos from YouTube without any buffering.
  5. Thus, you can access and browse high speed internet using your own internet plan.

Official URL:

Requirements and Limitations of ‘’

Requirements: You should have a laptop or PC with at least 1 mbps internet connection. A valid email id to create a rabbit account.

Limitations: You can’t download anything from the internet using and that’s the only limitation.

Final Words:

Rabb.It is a brilliant internet service that help you to browse high speed internet virtually at a free of cost. You can watch full HD videos from YouTube, you can watch block sites like Hulu, watch TV shows etc. using this free service. So, lets enjoy ‘Rabb.It‘ without any hidden cost.

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