How to Open Flipkart Website in Mobile Browser without App

In the middle of March, Flipkart and Myntra have decided to close their mobile websites. So, now, you can not open Flipkart and Myntra websites in the mobile browser from your android device. When you try to open Flipkart using mobile devices, you get the following message: “Flipkart is now available only as an app on your mobile”. Then the similar message, you can see at the time of opening Myntra website from the android mobile browser. Actually, this is their business policy. If you are a low-budget smartphone owner, then due to lower app installation memory and low Ram capacity, it is impossible to keep Flipkart mobile app forever. So, it is very necessary for them to open Flipkart website using a mobile browser without any android application. In a previous article, I have discussed on accessing blocked facebook from office. Now, in this tutorial, you learn to access Flipkart without using Flipkart application in your smartphone with a few tricks.


Method 1: Use Flipkart Website in Mobile Browser without App

Open Flipkart from mobile Chrome browser.

Go to browser setting page.

You will find the option “Request desktop site” there.


Tick “Request desktop site” option as shown in the above image.

The website loads automatically.

Thus, you can visit Flipkart website from a mobile device.

The same procedure is applicable for myntra website.

You can follow the same trick to open flipkart and myntra website from default Android browser.

Method for UC browser Users:

Open UC Browser and navigate to Settings >> Browsing settings >> Websites Preferences. Now, in Others option choose Desktop.

Method 2: Trick to Visit Flipkart Website from Mobile Device

At first, visit the following link from your mobile browser:

This bypasses the flipkart force app installation window and you are redirected to official website of Flipkart.

Method 3: Open Flipkart and Myntra from Mobile using Desktop Mode Browser

Desktop Mode Browser is a very useful web browser for android mobile devices which lets you allow to open and access mobile friendly websites in desktop style. So, using this web browser, one can easily visit Flipkart and Myntra from android device. Let’s see how to open Flipkart and Myntra from any mobile device.

First of all, install ‘Desktop Mode Browser’ from google play store and open the app.

At the URL section, just type or  whichever you want to visit.

Press ‘Go’ option to visit Flipkart or Myntra from Android device.

In this tutorial, I have mentioned all the known methods about “How to open Flipkart on mobile device”. Now, the smartphone users, who use 2G and who have comparatively lower app-installation memory, can use Flipkart from your android device. Hope this article helps you a lot and if you find any new method, don’t forget to drop a comment in the below comment section.

Update: Recently, Flipkart has introduced “Flipkart Lite” that helps you to open and access Flipkart direct from your mobile browser without doing any trick.