Recover Windows Password Using “SmartKey Windows Password Recovery” – A Review

“SmartKey Windows Password Recovery” is a great password recovery tool that lets you unlock any windows account password instantly and effortlessly. Most of the windows users set a login password for the security of the account. But, there is a chance of forgetting the login password of windows account if you have not used the PC for a long period. It will be the worst problem and you can’t do anything until you will recover the account password. If you are a Windows 7 user and have not got any password reset disk, then it is very much difficult to recover or reset login password . But, if you want to use a third-party software based solution, then you can use the ultimate edition of “SmartKey Windows Password Recovery“.

What is Windows Login Password Recovery Tool and Why You Should Use it?

This is a kind of utility that lets you break, create or reset any windows log in password by using a bootable CD, DVD or USB drive. Without loosing any data you can get back all the access of the account. One of my friend formatted the whole PC and lost many important documents due to password forget issue. If he knew about the password recovery tools for windows, he might not had to be worried. So, it is better to use any account login password recovery tool when you will face any account login related issue.

You must use the software due to following reasons:

  • Instantly unlocks any Windows account password
  • No data loss
  • It works offline, so, no chances to leak windows account password
  • Almost 100% password recovery rate

There are several similar software to perform the account login password recovery task. But, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is one of the perfect solution in this field. This tool will assist windows users in getting rid of account password recovery related problem. Now, let me describe the tool, it’s key features and how to use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery.

  1. Remove or reset any kind of password: The program helps you to reset local or domain or server account password. Any types of windows account password can be recovered irrespective of user role. That mean, you can reset the administrator, guest account or standard account password with this SmartKey password recovery.
  2. Supports any kind of Windows OS: The software supports in Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server (32 bit and 64 bit both).
  3. With this utility, either you can create a bootable DVD or you can make a bootable USB to reset lost windows account password.

How to Use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery to Reset Windows Account Login Password

Step #1:

Download and install SmartKey Windows Password Recovery  tool to your windows PC. At first, you can try the trial version of the software. But, it is better to use a paid version of the software. If you are just want to remove account password you forget, just use the professional version. Otherwise, use the ultimate version because it has all the utilities including creating user account with password, changing user account password, domain account password reset and so on.


Burn a CD, DVD or USB using the installed software. However, if you are a standard version user, you can’t use USB method. From “Advanced Recovery” tab, you can specify the exact windows version of which you forget the password. Otherwise leave it to “do not specify the windows version of target computer”.

smartkey windows password recovery ultimate

Step #2:

Insert the DVD/USB to the target PC and boot the device from USB or DVD (whichever you use for the recovery).

Then select the user name from the reset window and press the ‘Reset‘ button.

It will take only few seconds to complete the task. On successfully resetting the account password, the software will display the “Remove password successfully!” message.

Now, eject the CD/DVD or USB and restart the computer. You can login without any password. If you are a ultimate version user, you can change the password and login to PC with the new password.

See the image to get comparison among all versions and prices of the product:

version comparison smartkey recovery

Final Words

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Ultimate is one of the best tool from SmartKey that can reset or change account login password of any version of Windows without knowing the previous one. So, i recommend you to use the tool when you forget your windows account login password and have no choice to retrieve it.

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