How to Convert ASPX to PDF and Open Any ASPX File

Open aspx file on Windows or “ASPX to PDF converter” is not a task which can be made by a free online tool. There is no readymade aspx to pdf converter available online. There is no aspx to pdf software available to convert any aspx file to a pdf version. Few says back, while I was trying to place an online application, I just noticed that the I got a bank receipt copy in a .aspx format. Generally, we get these copies in a PDF format. This was the first time when I got a new file with .aspx format. At the time of developing some .NET web projects I used .aspx extension and at that time I used Dreamweaver software to edit those files. Dreamweaver can open a .ASPX file in a raw data sheet format. It is not a visible format. So, I was little bit confused about openning the aspx file I got. Then I decided to convert aspx to pdf format so that I could open it easily.

ASPX is a rare file extension to open it in Windows. Actually, the .ASPX is the source of a ASP.NET projects. You should have noticed that some websites like Microsoft’s website have an aspx file extension instead of .html or .php. As, Microsoft’s webpage is a project, so, we can see .aspx file extension at the end. ASPX can be described as an internet media type document in a text/html format. This is first developed and introduced by Microsoft company. ASPX stands as an extension of Active Server Pages.

There are few converters that can convert aspx to pdf. Some of them are online converter and some are offline. But before convert an aspx file we should open the file in a viewable format so that we can decide that should I convert the file to pdf or not.

So, how to open ASPX file? When you try to open any aspx document you could find “Windows can’t open this file” error. So how to view the page and get an idea about it.


In this tutorial I give you an easy solution about “how you open and view aspx file and convert the aspx file to pdf format” for future use.

How to Open a File with ASPX Extension in Your PC

As ASPX is an internet media type document, so, with the help of any modern web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Operea, IE11 etc.), we can view and open ASPX file in our desktop, laptop or mac-book. Just open any web-browser and drag the file to the URL area and drop it and we can view the entire document properly. I always suggest using the Google Chrome browser to open any ASPX document, because it also helps us to convert the .ASPX file to a PDF format.

How to Open ASPX file and Convert to PDF in Windows 11/10/8.1/7 – ASPX to PDF Converter

Steps to open ASPX file:

  1. Put the aspx file to desktop of your PC which is running on Windows 7 platform.
  2. Double click the file but it shows an error message i.e., Windows can’t open this
  3. Select the option “Select a program from a list of installed programs” and press OK.
  4. Browse to select Google Chrome from the list.
  5. Now, we can easily open the aspx document locally using Chrome or any modern browser.

Steps to Convert ASPX to PDF:

  1. Firstly, follow the above steps to open the ASPX file using chrome browser.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl+P‘ together to open the Print page pop-up window.
  3. At the left section, under ‘Destination’ you will find an option ‘Change'(as shown in the below screenshot).convert-aspx-to-pdf
  4. Click the ‘Change’ button and select the “Save as PDF” option.
  5. At last press the ‘Save‘ button marked blue to save the aspx file in a pdf format.

Steps to Open and Convert ASPX to PDF in Windows 11,10, 8.1

All the process of converting ASPX to PDF is exactly same as Windows 7. But, when you try to open aspx file in Windows 10 OS, you find slightly different option.

Double click the file to open and you get the “How do you open the file” window there (just like the first picture). Now, navigate to ‘More Apps’ option to find Google Chrome. Select ‘OK’ to open the file. However, you can tick the check box “Always use this app to open .aspx files” option to directly open .aspx files in near future.

To convert the file to PDF, use the above method (just like Windows 7).

To convert aspx based webpage into a pdf format we can use a free online service web2pdfconvert. Just, paste the .aspx web url and select “CONVERT TO PDF” button. It will take some time to create a downloadable PDF.

Android user can use UrlToPDF or Web to PDF application (dolphin browser add-on) to alter any aspx webpage into an accessible pdf document.

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