“International Shipment Release – Import” FedEx Tracking

FedEx corporation is USA based multinational courier/shipment agency which is used to send a parcel abroad (from one country to another country). This is almost similar to a local courier company. But, FedEx is an international organization which works internationally to send and receives any package. Suppose, you are living in the USA and want to send a book to your friend living in Australia. You can take help of FedEx Express, FedEx Ground or FedEx Smartpost. At the time of booking, you’ll get a tracking order from the company to track the location of the package before it gets delivered.

FedEx Int'l shipment release - import

At the time of tracking the parcel, you can see the term — “International Shipment Release – Import” but you probably don’t understand the term because you are very new at FedEx. When you get such message (while tracking) it means, the package is received, checked and dispatched by the customs dept. of your country.

How does FedEx International Shipment work?

It works like any other courier service agency. At first the sender hands over the package to the FedEx. Then the package is sent to the receiving country. The Customs department does their work and applies taxes and other charges if applicable any. Then the package is handed over again to FedEx of the receiver country and is delivered to the delivery address.

International Shipment Release – Import or “Int’l Shipment Release” are the same as shown in the FedEx tracking status. But if you see the suffix ‘Export’ that means the package is out for international delivery from the country. Similarly, if you see the term “in transit”, this means that the package is at its final stage of the delivery address and will be delivered soon. If you are a FedEx customer, then you should get email notifications from time to time about the status and tracking info of the package.

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