How to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction in Chrome and Firefox

This is a great question from one of my readers when he emailed me to know how to bypass YouTube age restriction. You all know that, YouTube is the best source of watching videos online. According to YouTube’s policy, it does not allow users to upload adult content to YouTube channel. Yet, there are some videos that are useful only to adults and for those videos YouTube places a content warning message which asks users for confirming their age. Google collects age-related information from account details from a signed-in user. But, those who watch videos without signing-in, get the “Sign in to confirm your age” message.

how to bypass YouTube age restriction

It is a lengthy way to sign in to YouTube who does not have any Google account. So, such users need to get rid of YouTube age restriction whenever they want to see such videos.

There are several methods for YouTube video age bypass for not sign in users. Let’s see how to watch age restricted YouTube videos.

Method #1: How to Bypass Age Restricted YouTube Videos

  1. Open a YouTube video that shows content warning message.
  2. Suppose the URL of the YouTube video that shows the age restriction is
  3. To bypass age restriction from a YouTube video, remove watch? from the video URL, then replace it with /.
  4. Replace = with / symbol.
  5. The modified URL looks similar to this URL:
  6. Now, you can watch the video directly bypassing age restriction content warning and no sign in is required for watching the video.
  7. You can use this URL too.
  8. Alternatively, use nsfw as a prefix to the actual YouTube URL.
  9. You can view the YouTube video without any content warning message when you visit this URL:

The above method shows you how to bypass age restriction content warning using URL modification technique.

If you do not have high-bandwidth internet connection, then you can try these URL methods to view age restricted YouTube videos.

The methods mentioned above will work in every devices including Android and iPhone.

Method #2: Use Extension to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction Content Warning

The age restriction feature of YouTube prevents users (under 18) from viewing certain videos. If any video has violent description, Google keeps that video under content warning. Every time sign in to YouTube is not the solution as every user does not have Google account. So, a Chrome user can use “Age Restriction Bypass for YouTube™” Chrome extension to solve the issue.

Just, download the “Age Restriction Bypass for YouTube” by visiting the below URL and add it to Chrome. This extension will bypass all the age restriction from a YouTube video.

Download Link of Age Restriction Bypass for YouTube™:

Firefox users can add “Ageless for YouTube” add on to bypass every age restriction warning from YouTube.

Download Link for Firefox:

All the methods work even if YouTube is blocked in your country. Then try YouTube unblocking method and use one of the above techniques to bypass YouTube age restriction warning message.