How to Play PS3 Games on PS4?

The Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular and one among the most sought after gaming consoles out there. One of the most popular consoles in the Sony PlayStation lineup indeed is the PlayStation 2.

If you are into gaming in consoles, then you must have played games on a PlayStation 2 gaming console at some point and enjoyed the experience. The major reason for the popularity of the PlayStation 2 gaming console was that the PlayStation 2 had some very high-end computing capacity compared to the competition at that time and also had a very vast lineup of games spread across a wide variety of genres which made the PlayStation 2 console very common among hardcore console gaming fans.

Even though nowadays gaming with great controls and high-end graphics is possible within the reach of our Smartphones and tablets, they are yet to provide the comfort and the immersive experience that consoles such as the PlayStation provide.

The latest console in the PlayStation lineup is the PlayStation 4, which is the successor to the PlayStation 3 gaming console. As the PlayStation gaming console does not come with a cheap price tag, one of the major concerns of people who currently owns a PlayStation 3 is whether their existing games for the PlayStation 3 will be supported on the latest PlayStation 4, so that while they make the upgrade to the latest generation of gaming console from Sony, they do not lose any online or campaign progress that they have made on individual games on their current PlayStation 3 gaming console.

If you are one among the PlayStation 3 owners who wants to know more about “how to play PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 4“, then today we are here with a detailed an easy to follow guide that will let you know how you can easily play PlayStation 3 games on the latest PlayStation 4 gaming console.

Can You Run PlayStation 3 Games on PlayStation 4?

Technically speaking, the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console does not let you play any of the PlayStation 3 games, which is sad enough. Backward compatibility for PlayStation 4 in order to run games supported for the PlayStation 3 is one of the most requested features by most of the PlayStation fans and owners out there, but little progress has been made so far from the side of Sony.

Sony recently made an emulator for the PlayStation 4 that lets users run game titles supported for the much older PlayStation 2, which currently lets you play from only a very few selected titles.

play ps3 games on PS4

However, for users interested in running PlayStation 3 game titles on PlayStation 4, the answer has been the same since the beginning. You can play PS3 game titles on PS4 neither by inserting a PS3 game title disk onto the PS4 not by downloading the game title virtually from the PlayStation Network.

So How to Run PlayStation 3 Game Titles on the PlayStation 4?

Recently Sony seems to have heard all the cries from PlayStation 3 owners for the PlayStation 4 to have backward compatibility and support the PS3 games. And addressing all these requests, Sony released a new platform called the PlayStation Now.

The “PlayStation Now” from Sony is basically a cloud backend platform for gaming which allows users to run PlayStation 3 game titles on the latest PlayStation 4 gaming console.

The only requirement for the PlayStation Now platform being that as it is cloud based, a stable internet connection is always required for enhanced graphics and texture output that matches the capabilities of the PlayStation 4. Which means, to get the best experience of a PlayStation 3 game title on your PlayStation 4, all you need is a stable internet connection and a subscription to the PlayStation Now platform.

Talking about the subscription for the “PlayStation Now” platform, you can begin with a 7 day free trial to check whether your internet connection is stable enough to run the PlayStation Now network, and if it works you can then opt for a monthly plan that will cost you at $9.99 or a yearly plan of 12 months that costs $99.99.

However, if you are not interested in subscribing to the service, you can also opt to rent gaming titles on the “Sony PlayStation Now” network for either 4 hours, per day, 30 days or even 90 days.

Final Words:

If you are one among those eager PlayStation fans who have been long waiting to run their favorite game titles from the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 4 gaming console, then this is the news you have been waiting for.

The only answer when you google for “can PS4 play PS3 games?” is that you need to subscribe the Playstation Now service. Before subscribing to the “PlayStation Now” service, do opt for the 7-day trial so as to confirm whether your internet connection is strong enough to stream games without any issues. And Happy Gaming!