How I successfully Managed to Download Google Play Books as Shareable PDF on Windows 11 PC

Google does not allow any user to download the unprotected PDF version of any book which is available in the Google Play Books library. Most of the books are protected under the DRM license. The “Download PDF” option allows you to download the encrypted version of any book in a special format (.acsm). Maybe there are few books available in the Google Play Books store, which are DRM free and can be downloaded as a PDF. Even you buy a book from Google Play store, you can’t download the exact PDF version of that one to share the book with any of your friends. Every time you get the .acsm format of the book on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

If somehow, using some online converter or with the help of third-party software, you manage to download the PDF version of the book, you will get “You can’t open this file” error.

encrypted PDF for DRM

After spending much time and after hours of research, I have successfully managed to decrypt the protected PDF using my Windows 11 PC, and now I can tell you that it is possible to download books from Google play store in a clean PDF format.

Disclaimer: I only share this concept of downloading Google play store books for tutorial purposes only. Intentional/commercial/personal use of this tutorial is strictly prohibited as it violates the Google terms.


  • Google play account with purchased books.
  • Adobe Digital Edition (
  • Epubor Ultimate (

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How to Download Any Books from Google Play Books Store in PDF?

Purchase any book from

After purchasing successfully, go to “My Books” section which is located at

Click on the three-dot which is placed vertically on the right-side of the book name.

Select Download PDF option.

save encrypted books from Google play store on your PC

Upon selecting the Download PDF option, a .acsm file of the book will be downloaded.

After that, open the .acsm file using Adobe Digital Edition software.

The software will automatically download the encrypted PDF version of the book and it will be opened automatically.

Now select the Library option.

Right click on the book and select “Show File in Explorer” option.

convert DRM protected .acsm file to encrypted PDF

Copy the PDF and paste it anywhere of your desktop. This is can’t be opened using default PDF reader as the file is DRM protected.

To eliminate the DRM license protection from the PDF open Epubor Ultimate software.

Drag the PDF from your desktop to the drag and drop section of the Epubor Ultimate and drop it there.

Select “Convert to PDF” option there using the right arrow and click on the button “Convert to PDF”.

Convert PDF document using Epubor Ultimate

It will take few seconds to decrypt the PDF.

Navigate to the output directory of the software to find the clean PDF version of your book that you have purchased from Google play store.

How to Get PDF Books from Google Play Store for Free

Books once purchased from the play store can be returned within 48 hours after purchase. For this, you need to go to Google account order history section ( and choose the “Report a problem” option.

Next, choose “I purchased this product by accident” and fill-up the form.

Books refund request purchased from Play Store

Generally, it would take a few hours to accept your return request.

To grab a book for free, after purchasing any book, follow the guide mentioned above to download the PDF of the book. After that, return the book to Google to get your money back to your account. Thus, using the above methodology, you can get the clean, shareable PDF version of any book available in Google Play store book shop using a computer that runs Windows 11.

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