Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Windows 10

Oh! You are still waiting for the Windows 10 [Free] upgrade? That’s sounds good huh? We are sure that you have got so many reasons to upgrade your Windows 7/8.1 PC to Windows 10. You might have heard loads of good things about Windows 10 in past couple of weeks or months. However, you should know that everything thing has some positive sides as well as some negative sides.

AND, today the following list contains are very important things, what may disclose the dark side of Windows 10, which has been installed on more than 14 million machines just after 48 hours of releasing. Here are reasons, why you should NOT upgrade to Windows 10.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Windows 10

There are tons of other reasons, but Microsoft generally launches OS for regular users. Therefore, being some regular users, we have got these following issues for the first time.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Windows 10

No Windows Media Centre

Wait! Let me open the Windows Media Centre.

These were the first few words, what someone tells just after installing Windows 10 to play music or stream live TV. If you are one of them, here is a bad news for you. Microsoft has removed Windows Media Centre from Windows 10. That simply implies you need a third party alternative to do all the things, what Windows Media Centre generally does. NO matter, whether you use Windows 10 Home Home or Pro, but you will end up finding this special tool of Windows 7.

Bye Bye In-Built games

If you often play those in-built games and are going to upgrade your machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10, a real problem is coming soon. Along with Windows Media Centre, Microsoft has eliminated Windows Games as well. That means, you won’t get Internet Backgammon, Hearts, Chess Titans, Spider Solitaire and more other games on your Windows 10 PC. Although, this is not a big reason but obviously one of the reasons, why a regular user should not upgrade his/her PC.

Windows 10 is NOT Compatible with All Windows 7+ Software

This is what makes Windows 10 boring and useless even after having so many features. Obviously, some software companies have started working on their software to make them compatible with Windows 10 but not all the companies have done or are doing this right now. That means, if any software is compatible with Windows 7, there is no guarantee whether that will be running on Windows 10 or not. It can be your most useful software.

Important Note: To avoid such problems, do read the software website or documentation carefully before deciding to upgrade your PC from lower version to Windows 10.

Manufacturers are NOT Ready to Launch Drivers for Windows 10

There is a doubt. Windows PC is not much useful without having the drivers. Obviously, you can use it without drivers but corresponding drivers make your PC smoother. As Windows system drivers are a medium between hardware and software, you should install the drivers after installing Windows. However, the problem is not all the hardware manufacturers have launched the drivers for all of their hardware. That means, you should ensure whether your laptop manufacturer has unveiled the respective drivers or not. If you have desktop PC, you need to check driver updates according to your hardware.


Every little thing is now more complicated than ever before. No matter, what you are trying to find out in your Window 10 PC, you must have to consume sometime to be familiar with a single option. The most irritated thing is Microsoft has split Control Panel in two parts.

  1. Control Panel (the native one)
  2. New Settings Panel (Win + I)

Some of the Control Panel options are transferred from old location to this new location. You must have to find whether your required option is located in Control Panel or new System settings panel.

This is just one example. Although, Windows 10 has a so-called great Start Menu but still this is not for regular users. The Start Menu is so complicated and covered with tons of elements, what will simply make a user confused.

Windows 10 is A Spying Machine

In a simple line, Windows 10 is the spying machine of the software giant, Microsoft. By writing,

Microsoft collects data to operate effectively and provide you the best experiences with our services.

Microsoft is legally collected users’ data and there is no guarantee whether they will use these data to make user experience better or not. Microsoft collects each and every type of data and activities using Windows 10. It collects Location data, Contacts, Calendar, Radio, Speech, Type, Camera and what not. The 1200 words Code of Conduct of Microsoft stated that they are gathering up all these data and a vivid example can be found under new system settings panel.

Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Final Word

If you still want to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, you can. But, you should keep all these things in mind before upgrading to Windows 10. No matter, whatever happens, Microsoft will not change their privacy policy. Even though, they change their privacy policy, they need to remove all those features and tools to provide a BETTER user experience.