Jio Phone 2023 – Things to Consider Before You Spend 999 INR.

Jio has recently launched two models of Jio phone at INR. 999. The name of the models are JioBharat V2 and JioBharat K1 Karbon. The phones are very basic feature phones having support of Jio 4g connectivity. The sim slot is locked to Jio only that mean apart from Jio 4G, you cannot use any other Indian sim cards here. To get the full functionality, the user needs to purchase a new sim or port to Jio from any other carrier. Even you can’t use your existing Jio sim here with the new JioBharat phones. For me while testing with my current Jio sim, the incoming and outgoing call functionalities were working fine. But the data connection was not working. Somehow, it’s the company’s approach to force users buying a new sim to increase the company’s user base.

JioBharat phone 2023

The quality of the speaker is not up to the mark and upsets me. During calling you need to tilt the phone to it’s backside to get the clear sound during conversation. I found this very annoying as both of the phones have sound leaking issue.

Quality wise the phones are purely cheap plastic build. The display is very small with very low pixel density. Using of internet is hardly possible with any of these phones. Neither the YouTube nor the WhatsApp can be installed. Absence of the MyJio app surprises me the most. The Jio Pay app which you can use for UPI payment was not preinstalled, and I got the app after an automatic OTA update. The camera of the phone is unusable too. The battery backup is not up to the mark compared to any other feature phone. Unlike the former Jio phone models, this time the company is not using the KaiOS. This is Jio Bharat OS which is very light and good to use. I have found no hang or lag during using the phone.

You can use Jio Saavan or Jio Cinema app to listen songs or to watch movies, but I doubt your patience. The quality and size of the display and the quality of the speaker makes it hard to enjoy both of the services on your Jio Bharat phone.

You can record any calls manually only after inserting a memory card into the phone. However, no auto-call recording option is available there.

Frankly speaking, this is a basic feature phone meant for calling purposes mainly. So, the quality of the speaker should have been good. But the presence of voice-leaking problem upsets me and compelled me not to suggest anyone to purchase the Jio Bharat phone till date. Rather any Indian users can give a try to Nokia 106 4g model which is better in every aspect.